President- Patrick Ryan


Past President- Debbie Sasser

Vice President of Operations- Les McFatter

Vice-President of Marketing and Communications- Vickie Gainer

Vice- President of Resource Development- Arthur Cullen

Treasurer- William Cramer

Secretary- Jasmine Allen


Executive Committee At-Large- Todd Brister


Executive Committee At-Large- Jon Smiley 


Lifetime Member- William J. Black


Lifetime Member- Olivia Byrd Cooley


Lifetime Member- Gary Nellis 


Term Ends 2019 Term Ends 2018 Term Ends 2017

Jasmine Allen

William Cramer

Marcia Croom

Arthur Cullen

Bill Dozier

Debbie Sasser

Russell Voyles 

Todd Brister

Paul Casto

Greg May

Patrick Ryan

Lee Warren

Steve Crow

Jon Smiley 

Mason Faggert 

Conssandra Ford

Vickie Gainer

Lee J Kinner

Debbie McCambry

Les McFatter

Ryan Neves

Suzy Nadler

Sherri Reitmeyer

Jay Trumbull 



Conventional programs for youth are extremely important in our society today. A study rated all 50 states on children issues. Florida ranked 36th out of 51.