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                                      1965 - Present

For over 50 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County has been at the forefront of youth development, working with young people from disadvantaged economic, social, and family circumstances.

The Boys’ Club of Bay County was founded in 1965 and was originally located at the old Armory on Sixth Street.  Some of the original 41 Board Members included:

Julian Bennett                    Tom Haney                                  Dr. John Benton 
Ray Holloway                     Dr. Clell Warriner                         Isaac Byrd
J. W. Silcox Jr.                   Earl Hadaway                              Don L. Brookins
We officially became Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County in 1991.

In 1975, the Club moved to the new CC Moore Facility at 3404 West 19th Street, which is currently our largest location. This building was made possible by the generous gift of Vivian Moore. After her passing in 2008, the facility was renamed in her honor.  This property also includes a pool, bathhouse, picnic area & flag football field.

Thanks to a gift made by Charlie Hilton, we constructed and opened the L Charles Hilton Activity Center on the grounds of our CC Moore facility in 1996.  

Also in 1996, with the help of Joe Chapman & the Panama City Housing Authority, we constructed and opened the Joseph F. Chapman Boys & Girls Club in Millville.

Our most recent Club location came in 1998, when we opened the Frank Brown Beach Unit at Frank Brown Park thanks to the help of the Panama City Beach City Commission & Police Chief JB Holloway.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County has produced four State Youths of the Year in the past 30 years, including current Chapman Unit Director Justin Ward.  In 2000, member Joseph Hall was selected from more than 3.5 million young people as the national organization’s Youth of the Year.  Three of our five full-time staff grew up as members of our Club, and over a dozen former members have become career professionals with other BGCA organizations across the country.

Locally, our membership encompasses a diversified group of young people:


         69% live with one parent

60% are minorities
                             83% receive free or reduced lunches

Executive Directors

Errol Sewell     1966-1968 - Later served as interim President of Boys & Girls Clubs of America


Joe Grammer   1968-1971 - Went on to work with the Bay County School Board

Walt Hall          1971-1986 -  Left to take over the Citrus Center Boys' Club

Danny Lyons    1987-1988 -  Currently Executive Director of the Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs

Paul Mosca      1990-2015 - Retired


Hank Hill           2015 - Present





Conventional programs for youth are extremely important in our society. A recent study rated Florida 36th out of 51 for children's issues.